I grew up in rural Western Pennsylvania and attended a small town school district very similar to Delmar. I attended Penn State University and studied Secondary Education with a focus on English and History education.

My husband Joe & I have been married for nearly 17 years. We are active parishioners at Holy Redeemer in Delmar, where my husband proudly serves on the Parish Council. We have 6 children together and they are currently in grades 10, 9, 8, 7, 4 & 3. This fall, we will have 5 children in Delmar Middle and High School. Our youngest child will move over from Wicomico County schools to Delmar Middle School when he enters 5th grade in 2017.

Joe and I moved to Delmar, DE in early 2005 with our family. Prior to our move, we heavily researched the area and decided that Delmar would be a wonderful place to raise our family. We loved the community atmosphere and excellent schools. We knew that this was the place we wanted to call home.


  • Serving as Vice President, Delmar Board of Education
  • Holding a 100% attendance at Board Meetings (including all regular, special, and emergency meetings).
  • Holding 100% attendance at expulsion hearings.
  • PLC Leadership Team Board Representative.
  • Serving as the Delaware Department of Education, Performance Review Board Representative.
  • "Race To The Top" Board Representative
  • Administrator Interview Committee Board Representative
  • Teacher Of The Year Committee Board Representative
  • Liaison for the Wicomico County Board of Education

Delmar has proven to be everything we hoped it would be. The community is amazing and the school is excellent. The logo “The Little Town Too Big for One State” says it all. I am proud to call Delmar home.

​​​Fought to Protect Student Rights
--I supported student rights when a group of students encountered difficulty with the previous administration regarding the talent show of 2012. With my full support, it was determined that they were within their rights and they were permitted to perform “The Everything Skit” as they desired. To view the skit,

--I thoroughly read every proposed policy before it is implemented. I ask questions about language that I am unfamiliar with or concerned about. I strive to make sure every policy the board passes is what is best for our district. ​

Protected Parental Rights
--I introduced a Parental Opt-Out Resolution regarding Standardized Tests within the district and fully supported HB50 and parental rights.
--I stand firm on the rights of parents to opt their children out of surveys that students are subject to within the district.

Embraced Teachers and Staff Support:
--I worked to ensure a safe learning environment for our students and staff. I supported our staff when they expressed safety concerns within the district. I investigated various reports and worked to make our district safer for everyone.
--I am always available to listen to any concerns our teachers or staff would like to express. I encourage open communication within the district.

--I reviewed the entire Teacher Contract before it was renewed. I corrected several grammatical errors and found a critical error with the dates in the contract.

Provided Community Support
--I worked to ensure that the annual high school Veterans Day ceremony remained a yearly event in the Delmar School District. I strongly believe in recognizing current and former veterans, as well as educating our students about the sacrifices the US military makes in protecting our country and our freedoms.
--I attended multiple Delmar Community Schools Task Force meetings regarding Wicomico County’s redistricting. I am working hard to ensure the Bi-State Agreement remains intact. I do not believe our Maryland students should be forced to attend schools outside of Delmar.
--I sought out a wholesaler in order to provide school uniform shirts to our students. These uniform polos are high quality and are available in a wide range of sizes at minimal cost to our community.

--I read through the district checkbook and asked tough questions about how funds were being spent. I made several suggestions on ways to save the district money. I questioned contracts that were missing financial data. I read through teacher and administrative contracts as well as contracts with disc jockeys and the Wicomico Civic Center.


Farrah's first Delmar School board term:

Nicole Theis, President, Delaware Family Policy Council.....

"There are tough issues facing students and teachers in the Delmar School District. Farrah Morelli knows the issues and has the necessary experience, knowledge and strong principles to tackle them. No one could be more vested in the success of Delmar School District and better serve its families than Farrah Morelli who has five, soon to be six, children in Delmar schools." 

Matthew Lindell, President, Capital School District, Board of Education.....

"Farrah Morelli understands that a board of education is more than a social club. Farrah is a proactive board member who is not afraid to challenge the status quo when the status quo fails to serve the needs of parents and their children".

Kevin Ohlandt, Candidate for Capital School Board 2016 Election.....

Farrah Morelli shares a lot of the same things I do with education. She would be a strong asset to Delmar's school board!

I will continue working hard to maintain the Bi-State Agreement and prevent redistricting of our Delmar, MD students. I recognize this is extremely important to the community and have devoted extensive time to it. The loss of the Bi-State Agreement would have a devastating effect on our town unity. I will continue to fight for our community to ensure Delmar remains the “Little Town Too Big For One State”.

In a trying financial time, I am extremely hopeful that we can cut more unnecessary spending, and continue to provide an excellent academic experience for our students. I am very supportive of our outstanding athletic and our talented fine arts departments, because I firmly believe these are valuable to our students and to our community.

I look forward to continuing my work on the school board to keep moving our district in the right direction. We recently hired a new superintendent, curriculum director, principal, and two vice principals. I will do my part to make sure the newly hired administration continues to keep Delmar a community school and the heart of our town. I will continue to work with them to ensure that they recognize parental, staff, student, and community concerns.

Farrah's Experience & Background:

Cynthia Green, Sussex County Register of Wills..... 

"Best wishes Farrah on your bid for re-election to the Delmar School board. You have worked to support and put the children first. I appreciate your dedication to maintain ethical and conservative values in your school. I encourage the voters to support you in this important election".

Farrah's vision of the future

at Delmar School District:

School District Improvements needed:

Cheryl Precourt, Member Caesar Rodney School District Board of Education.....

"Being a school board member is more that just going to a monthly meeting. Farrah Morelli understands this.  She is dedicated to the community and has worked hard to protect student and parental rights in the Delmar School District.  She has encouraged fiscal responsibility and has worked hard to maintain ethical and conservative values.  I have had the pleasure of knowing Farrah personally as well as professionally.  We have attended many of the same statewide school board training sessions and events. We have spent personal time together discussing school policy, Delaware law, and discussing how it affects our students and families.  She is well informed, dedicated and is the one you want to represent your families on the front line".

The official, authorized website for Farrah Morelli, Delmar School Board, Delmar, DE 

Welcome to MorelliForDelmar.com

Delmar's future has vast promise. We specifically purchased our home in Delmar so that our children would experience how great small town America really is. I want them to witness: neighbors taking care of neighbors, community supporting community, the school being the heart of our town and offering thriving clubs and activities, while our school administration effectively does their job, and listens to what the community is saying.

In the 11 years that I have lived here, I have witnessed a change in our town. School staff and community members have expressed to me, “this isn’t the Delmar that we used to know.” During my term, over the last five years, I have taken those statements to heart and have worked for positive change. I believe the recent changes at the middle and high school are a step in the right direction. In the next five years, I will continue listening to the concerns of the Delmar community, and continue working to make positive changes for the town.

In my next term, I will continue the work of building a solid administrative team that values student, staff, and community concerns. I would like to explore the possibility of returning the prom and graduation ceremonies to Delmar. I will keep working to prevent redistricting and maintain the Bi-State Agreement. I want our community members to feel confident that our children will continue to play on the same sports teams, participate in clubs and community activities together, and graduate from Delmar High School with their Maryland AND Delaware friends whom they have known all their lives.

I want Delmar to become the absolute best Delmar that it can be, and I know that this starts with our youth and our school district.