Your VOTE for Farrah Morelli allows her to continue into a

second 5 year term. Farrah has demonstrated that she is a caring, educated, and dedicated professional who proudly serves on the Delmar School Board.

Farrah firmly believes and states...  "Academic success is important, and the education our students receive at Delmar will

set the stage for their futures. I want their Delmar education to be of the highest quality possible. I believe parental and community involvement are essential to raising children.  I appreciate the time and dedication that parents, employees and volunteers devote to the band, chorus, arts, clubs, and athletics in Delmar.  These important activities keep our youth involved in the community and instill a sense of pride in Delmar.  I am committed to ensuring these activities remain an essential part of our school district."

In Farrah's opinion... "Not all students learn in the same way because each student possesses a unique set of talents and abilities. I think our district should work to continue providing education and opportunities for all of our students. I value a good college education, but I also value career and technical education (CTE). In addition to that, I am a strong supporter of the Jobs for Delaware Graduates (JDG) program, Life Skills, the Academic Challenge Program, Advanced Placement, and Dual Enrollment opportunities with various Delaware universities, which are all offered at Delmar."

Farrah adds... "I'm not a supporter of cookie-cutter Common Core education. I know that our teachers are fully capable of educating our students, as they have done for many years before the implementation of Common Core and the onslaught of standardized tests. I do not believe in 'teaching to the test,' but unfortunately, education is being forced in that direction because of government overreach. I am working hard at the local level, to start moving education back in the right direction."

In conclusion, Farrah states... "I have been outspoken against Common Core and the inundation of the education system with standardized tests. I will continue to maintain my values and beliefs, while working to keep the control of our school systems at the local level where it belongs. Our community knows what is best for it, and I want the community’s voice to be heard. I will continue to listen to, and be a voice for, the community members who elected me to represent them. Finally, it is clearly up to you and your VOTE to allow me to continue to diligently serve you, and preserve our Delmar School District's independence from so many negative outside influences. I thank you in advance for your continued support."

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Why was the May 10, 2016, 

Delmar School Board Election

so important?

Thanks to all the voters that participated in the WIN!

Voting results after calculating all absentee ballots:  We won 203 - 90, receiving nearly 70% of the vote!  I am humbled by and grateful for this overwhelming show of support from our Delmar community.  I am looking forward to serving this great School for the next five years.

Please visit this site later for additional comments.  Also, in the future, this website will be my way of communicating to the Delmar Community, regarding School Board News, My Opinions, and keeping you up to date with your School Board.

Again, my sincere thanks for your vote and your continuing support,

Farrah Morelli

​Farrah Morelli responds to misleading comments being publicized, regarding her voting against the recent referendum:

Yes, I voted “no” on the referendum.  I will gladly explain why.

My vote was not against teachers, the roof or ADA compliance.  It was a vote for transparency and a more concrete plan.  I wanted current estimates and written assurances of EXACTLY what the money was to be used for.   I believe the tax payers should have a say on how their money is spent.  I refused to vote for a slush fund tax increase of nearly 15%.

There are many members of our community who cannot afford such a tax increase.  At that time, Governor Markell proposed an elimination of the Senior School Property Tax Relief.  The elimination of this program coupled with a tax increase would have created an enormous hardship on our community members.

I am well aware of the repairs that the building needs.  This is the reason why I was so torn with my no vote, and I’m sure many voters felt the same way.  I certainly do not want the building to fall into disrepair.  I felt as though people were being forced into voting for additional items they may not have wanted to vote for because of the roof issue.

I feel that the current unrest and problems with the Bi-State Agreement and redistricting issues are much more important than a new locker room and concession stand.  If the Bi-State Agreement is not renewed, we will not have an elementary school for our students.  There is a real possibility that the Delmar School District could be consolidated with the Laurel School District.  I feel that this issue should have been addressed first.

I asked that the teacher’s raise component be outlined in a specific question on the referendum ballot.  I requested that the exact amounts of the teacher raise be outlined and guaranteed.  The specific language I requested was refused.  Requesting a specific line item for a teacher raise is hardly a vote against the teachers.

I never voted against having a police officer at the school.  One of the first things I did when I came on board was express my dissatisfaction that the school resource officer was cut the month BEFORE I was sworn in as a board member.  The SRO has since returned to the building.

I wanted further clarification on the items in the “Voluntary ADA Compliance Report”.  Other school districts were taking a closer look at the terms of the report and I felt we should be doing the same.  I do not feel that asking questions and requesting further information before going out on referendum was a vote against ADA compliance.  SinceI did not receive the information I requested, I did not feel that all avenues were being pursued before going to the taxpayers and asking for more money.

Perhaps one should re-read the vague language of the referendum questions…..“The district voters will be asked to vote for or against an increase of 41.5 cents per hundred dollars of assessed valuation effective July 1, 2016 to support the general operation of the schools to include, but not be limited to, staff salaries, building maintenance and classroom instructional materials.”

This tax increase did NOT guarantee; teacher raises, a school “cop”, security cameras on the school buses, transportation for the band to football games, new uniforms for the athletic teams, etc.  It simply created a tax increase to support the general operation of the schools.  A lot of promises were made to a lot of people, but none of them were guaranteed.

I firmly believe there is over spending in the district.  I repeatedly brought up ways to cut the budget and those requests were ignored.  I ask questions.    I believe that the money should benefit the students in every way possible.  I am tired of overspending at the top on things that have no tangible benefit for the students or community. 

The children of our school district are my #1 priority.  Maintaining the Bi-State Agreement and avoiding redistricting is at the top of my list. 

Without the Bi-State Agreement we will not have a Delmar School District.

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